What are the methods used to estimate kitchen cabinets?

The most common methods used for estimating are Linear Feet, Square Feet and Detailed Pricing.

Linear feet or square feet may not be the most accurate form of estimating due to the many variations and combinations available for custom cabinets. Judging by the cost of a display in a showroom isn’t one either.

For example, you could take three different kitchens of a similar size and get three completely different estimates. It all depends on what you want to put in your kitchen. Door Styles, Materials, Finishes, Colours, number of Drawer’s vs Doors, Pantries, Pullouts, Glass, Accessories, Decorative Hoods, Moulding, Pilasters, Posts, Onlays, Corbels, Panels, False Doors, etc. all effect the cost of a kitchen. The types of appliances you choose also affect the cost, as some appliances require cabinetry and some don’t.

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