What are custom cabinets & stock cabinets?

Stock Cabinets are prefabricated cabinets with predefined measurements that are found at big box stores. They have their limitations when it comes to flexibility, tight spots and saving space

Custom Cabinets have greater flexibility and can be fabricated to meet any dimension a kitchen design requires. There are also a wider range of door styles, materials, finishes, colours and cabinets, that make up an endless choice to meet any design requirements.

Generally, kitchen companies worldwide manufacturer cabinets in increments of 3 inches or 6 centimeters. The ability to modify these dimensions is what makes custom cabinets, custom. For example lets take a standard cabinet, say 30” in width, the next size up would be 33”. If the available space in a kitchen requires 31.75” cabinet, a custom kitchen company has the ability to change the standard 30” or 33” and make a 31.75” cabinet that fit the exact space. Everything that goes into making a custom kitchen is built exclusively for that kitchen.

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